Rob Ainscough                   the Rabbit Hole 

Hello World  

Welcome to the binary extension of Robin Ainscough.  I hope you can find some enjoyment in my digital presentation of what I do in this journey of life.

I currently work for a small software company located in Oakland CA.  I design, code, implement software solutions for the self storage industry.  I'm the #2 person in our company and head our development team.

My Current Tools:

Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 - 2017
VB and C# (.NET), C++, XAML, Silverlight 5, ASP.NET, JavaScript, HTML5, Xamarin, DX11/12 Graphics API
Controls/3rd Party: Telerik UI suite 
Microsoft SQL (2005-2017)
Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, Premiere Pro CC 2018, Premiere Pro CS6
Cinema 4D, 3DSMax 2018-2019

My current platforms:

Windows 10
Windows 2008 Server (IIS7.x) to Windows 2016 Server (IIS 10)
Windows SQL Server (2005-2017)

The software languages I've used over the years:

TRS-80 BASIC (1981)
PDS Basic 7 (compiled basic) 
PC Cobol
C# (.NET), C++, VC++
XAML (Silverlight 5, Xamarin.Forms, WPF)
Assembler x86
Assembler PDP 11-44 (mainframe)

I started coding at age 16 (1980), self taught as my high schools didn't have any computer science programs.  I helped pioneer the introduction of computer science courses during my senior year at my High School.  I soon discovered that computer science was natural fit for me, I found it very easy for me to understand and more importantly be able to take that understanding and turn it into a good career.

I've done well for myself and my income has helped me enjoy other hobbies.  I married later in life to my very loving wife (she is just amazing!!) and we've enjoyed each other for over 13 years with many more to come.


I'm British but have adopted a home in the US and have become a US citizen.  I was born in Pakistan but during my early years I traveled all over the globe with frequent trips to/from the UK for boarding school.  I've had a very interesting life with some great exposure to other cultures ... the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of those cultures.  My travels have provide a more global perspective of life and the my adventure thru life.